Our Clinic

The American Fondouk is one of a tiny number of clinics in the developing world offering free veterinary care to the donkeys, mules, and horses of the poor.

There are an estimated 100 million of these beasts of burden in Africa and Asia, and only around 20 clinics to cover the needs of this huge population of animals. Our clinic is unique among these in having up-to-date and sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

We believe that taking on the care of a working equid is accepting the responsibility for the owners’ livelihood and means of making a living. It is a huge responsibility and for this reason we feel that we need to provide the best diagnostic and therapeutic options even in this remote environment. That is why we have invested in an excellent examination area, surgical suite, a well-equipped laboratory, and up-to-date diagnostic imaging equipment.

We have a team of exceptionally qualified Moroccan veterinary and paraveterinary staff including technicians, and a full-time Farrier. We offer 24-hour, seven days a week care, every week of the year. We also offer emergency transport to pick up or deliver animals, which may require an ambulance to get them to the Fondouk.


Our medical equipment and technology includes:

Digital X-ray machine, ultrasound, video endoscopy, video gastroscopy, I-STAT for blood gases, biochemistry, hematology, autoclave, horse weigh unit, ophthalmoscope, Farrier equipment and ambulance services.

Walk-in Service

We open our doors at 8 am. Mornings are for consultations and afternoons are for treatments and surgeries.

24-hour Emergency Service

We cover lameness diagnosis, colic and emergencies, dermatology, ophthalmology, routine surgeries and castration of mules, wound management, and pediatrics and dystocia management.

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